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Sat, 17th May 2008
Partnership for Transparency Fund
...providing small grants to CSOs in developing countries to fight corruption
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Welcome to the Partnership for Transparency Fund (PTF)

PTF is an international non-governmental organization dedicated to helping civil society play an effective role in the design, implementation and monitoring of national anti-corruption programs.

The basic premise for creating PTF is that the civil society has an important role to play in the development of anti-corruption and good governance programs, and it can play this role more effectively if it is independent, financially, from government or direct bilateral or multilateral funding. There is Information on PTF, press releases, examples of PTF supported projects, and documents (see below).

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Next International Anti-Corruption Conference to be held in Athens

Image copyright of PTF

The 13th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) will be held from 30 October to 2 November 2008 in Athens, Greece. It will focus on corruption related to issues of human security, climate change, and energy security. For more information, visit

Pilot anti-corruption projects in Asia yield success (Mar 25, 2008)

Image copyright of PTFPTF Adviser Khalid Siraj reported the success of pilot anti-corruption projects in Asia. "These projects have made important contributions to the fight against corruption in each country while yielding key lessons for future similar projects," he said. The PTF's program for Asia was supported through a grant of US$150,000 from the Asian Development Bank. It culminated in a regional workshop in Manila last November 29, 2007.

See full copy of PTF-ADB Project Completion Report. See individual project reports Mongolia WSP, Mongolia WWF, Pakistan Heartfile, Philippines ECOLINK, Philippines G-Watch.

PTF receives $530,000 in new funding (Feb 20, 2008)

The Partnership for Transparency Fund has received grants totalling $530,000 to expand its global funding of civil society projects to fight corruption and promote good governance. A World Bank grant of $380,000 and a Bank-Netherlands Breakthrough Facility grant of $150,000 will be used to support specific, replicable projects by civil society organizations. The World Bank funds will be used globally. The Breakthrough facility will focus on one or two countries in East Africa. A unique feature of both grants is the partnership with Global Integrity, an independent international organization tracking the quality of good governance indicators in more than 60 countries. The analyses by Global Integrity will assist the PTF in supporting focused projects in selected countries.

PTF signs Country Program for Philippines (Feb 7, 2008)Image copyright of PTF

The PTF signs an agreement with the Makati Business Club (MBC) for a Country Program in the Philippines. MBC is the secretariat of the Coalition Against Corruption (CAC), an alliance formed, consisting of the business sector, the Church and the civil society, to fight corruption. MBC Executive Director Albert Lim, CAC Chairman Jose Cuisia, and PTF Board Member Geert van der Linden are the signatories.

The PTF's Country Program sets strategic direction to its engagement at the country level. From its six separate projects in the Philippines since 2003, which include G-Watch's textbook delivery monitoring and ECOLINK's local government vehicle monitoring, all current projects shall now be synergized into a target focus that maximizes impact. PTF-MBC collaboration covers the period of 2008-2013 and aims to complete five projects every year.

PTF supports major study of India's Citizens' Charters (July 7, 2007)

With PTF assistance, the Public Affairs Centre in Banglagore has just completed an in depth ten year review of the functioning of India's Citizens' Charters -- a vital tool to check corruption. M. Veerappa Moilly, Chairman, Second Central Administration Reforms Commission, welcomed the report as a key input into the work of the Commission, noting that "many times, rules and regulations have taken away the spirit of the law of the Constitution and made the lives of citizens miserable".  The report showed that  pro-active  government leadership was urgently needed to make the Charters work as intended. This should include greater civil society involvement in the Charters' processes.

PTF grants pass the $1 million mark (May 10, 2007)

PTF has made a grant for US$24,400 to the Centre of Consumer Unity & Trust Society (CUTS) in Rajastan to assist it in combating corruption by making use of the Right to Information ActThe project aims to empower CSOs and vulnerable citizens at the grass-root level byimproving functioning of the existing accountability mechanisms and legalmeasures, advocacy among policy makers regarding the proper application of theRTI Act, and monitoring actual corrupt practices in Rajasthan. This grant takes PTF past the US$1 million mark for total grant assistance to CSOs fighting corruption assisting some 60 projects in 35 countries across the developing world.

Massive NGO Interest in FONTRA scheme (Feb 21 2007)

CSOs in the 6 eligible South American Cone countries have submitted a total of 118 project proposals to FONTRA for funding. "The enormous response testifies to the critical determination of civil society to curb corruption" says Anabel Cruz, Vice Chair of PTF and founder of ICD in Motivideo, Uruguay, which is managing FONTRA. ICD and PTF are  now reviewing these proposals to establish which are most likely to have  a meaningful impact on curbing corruption and therefore merit FONTRA support. View Press Release

World Bank Renews Support for PTF (Feb 5 2007)

The World Bank has approved a grant of US$250,000 in support of the the work of PTF. This is the second World Bank grant to PTF and will be used to assist civil society organisations fight corruption in India, Kysgystan the Philippines and Uganda, as well as a number of other countries. "This renewed World Bank support is an impressive vote of confidence in PTF" declared Pierre Landell-Mills, President of PTF.

PTF Selects 5 Winning Projects in Asia(Jan 30 2007)

PTF has successfully launched a pilot program in Asia with support from the Asian Development Bank. The call for proposals resulted in the submission of 15 proposals: 3 from Pakistan, 7 from the Philippines and 5 from Mongolia. Five have received PTF grants.
View the Press Release  View the list of Approved Projects

New Support from IDB (May 24 2006)

IDB Fund approves $600,000 grant for program to support civil society organizations that promote transparency and accountability based on the PTF model.  The grant will help establish FONTRA to be managed by ICD, an NGO located in Montivideo, Uruguay, with the support of PTF.

New Funding from ADB (May 3, 2006)

"The Asian Development Bank, working with the Partnership for Transparency Fund (PTF), is making a technical assistance grant of US$150,000 to strengthen the role of civil society in the fight against corruption. The grant capitalizes on the work undertaken by PTF over the past five years to foster the role of CSOs as innovators, mobilizers, and monitors in support of effective measures to combat corruption." 

Also see: PTF/ADB operating guidelines

UNDP Evaluation Praises PTF  (March 29, 2005)

"PTF is an extremely effective instrument for support of small but important anti-corruption projects" says Alex Shakow, a former World Bank Vice-President, in his recent evaluation report to UNDP. "PTF's  track record is very impressive.  The vast majority of its projects have been designed and implemented well and achieved valuable results. Given the difficulties of working in this highly sensitive area, the PTF success rate is a great tribute to the many courageous people implementing these programs across the globe, and to the PTF leadership for its commitment, professionalism and good sense.  There are lessons to be learned but, by and large, this volunteer operation sets very high standards and meets them."  See full report.

PTF documents available:

  1. Reports on Completed Projects
  2. Project Completion Assessment Reports
  3. Ongoing projects - Nov 2006
On this site you can read how to Apply for a Grant and Project Evaluation Criteria. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact us by writing to We would be glad to hear from you.  For a wealth of information and contacts on the corruption issue, see also the website of Transparency International (

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