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The PG Community of Practice is a global network of people with a shared interest in participatory governance. It includes people from different countries, working at different levels and in a variety of sectors. If you work in the area of participatory governance, or if you’re simply interested in learning more about it, feel free to join now. It’s fast, easy and free-of-charge. The PG Community or Practice is open to all and seeks to create a secure environment for collective reflection, dialogue, sharing and collaboration. Through various thematic and geographical groups, the global Community of Practice forms overlapping circles of specialised sub-communities, providing opportunities for sharing, learning, mutual support and collaboration at each level. The knowledge generated through the interaction of members of the Community of Practice is distilled and shared so as to allow other practitioners to re-use and adapt this knowledge to their local realities.

Become a member

By creating a profile, you will become a member of the global PG Community of Practice and be granted full user rights to the website, including access to the profiles of other registered users, the ability to contact other registered members for technical advice or queries, to add additional tool entries or relevant resources to the PG Toolkit and to participate in discussion groups and occasional electronic learning events. By creating a profile, you will also allow other members of the Community of Practice to view your profile and contact you.

Find a participatory governance professional or resource person

The Community of Practice provides easy access to a pool of professionals and practitioners who have operational experience in participatory governance approaches in a variety of sectors, areas/stages of governance and geographical locations. Any registered member of the Community of Practice is able to search other members based on their location and area of expertise. Participatory governance practitioners can be contacted online for technical advice and support or any other professional query..

Join or create a discussion group on a subject of your interest

Once you have registered and signed in, you can join any existing discussion group, or create your own one and invite your peers to join. The discussion groups are divided into the following main categories: a) thematic b) geographical c) sharing experiences on application of a particular PG tool. Use the discussion groups to share ideas and learn from your peers on any given participatory governance topic.

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