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The PG Exchange website consists of the following interactive sections, each containing basic details on how to get started.


  • Browse the 9 tool categories by using the main navigation menu above.
  • Each tool category contains a number of individual tool entries, which appear in the drop down menu to the right of each tool category in the navigation menu.
  • Each tool category and tool page is divided up into tabs of different sections.
  • Each tool and category write-up is also available as a PDF.
  • Each tool also allows users to enter a discussion group on field application of the tool. This requires registration.
  • Users can also post comments. This can be found at the bottom of each tool page. Registration is not required to posts comments.
  • You may add a new resources to the Toolkit by choosing the Upload a Resource file from the User Options menu. You will need to select the Tool Category to which the resource best fits.

Community of Practice:

  • Register to become a member of the PG Exchange Community of Practice by clicking on the sign-up link in the introductory page.
  • Create a profile for yourself which is generated during registration.
  • You may complete/update your profile at any stage.
  • View all members and their profiles by clicking the second menu option called “List Members” under the main navigation menu option “Community of Practice” above.
  • View groups, join and/or start a group by clicking the third menu option called "Groups" under the Community of Practice menu.
  • Within each group, members of the group can start and join discussions relating to the group.
The website also contains the following additional interactive features, all which are found under User Options menu on the right:


PG Exchange Mailbox:
  • The mailbox allows you to send and receive messages to and from individual PG Exchange Community members.

Submit a Calendar entry:

  • You may submit details of any upcoming participatory governance event around the world.
Upload a resource file:
  • You may use this function to upload additional resources, case studies or tool entries to PG Exchange. Alternatively, you can email them to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



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