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PG Exchange is an initiative of CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation. The website is a part of CIVICUS’ work on increasing the influence of citizens and civil society organisations in governance processes. The Participatory Governance Project of CIVICUS works to enhance the capacity of targeted southern-based civil society and government actors to promote participatory and accountable governance of public institutions at local and national levels. The project does so through a multi-dimensional capacity-building strategy focusing on:

  • generating and sharing knowledge and learning about the theory and practice of participatory governance
  • helping southern-based practitioners acquire the practical skills and tools they need to promote effective citizen participation in governance processes;
  • building bridges between civil society and government actors and an active “community of practice” among participatory governance practitioners;  and
  • promoting innovation in participatory governance practices by providing direct operational support to strategically selected  joint civil society-government initiatives.

Read more on the CIVICUS Participatory Governance project here.
Visit CIVICUS website here.


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